1 /fIt/ verb past tense fitted also fit AmE past participle fit
1 RIGHT SIZE (intransitive, transitive not in progressive) to be the right size and shape for someone or something: The dress fits perfectly. | fit sb: The jacket fitted me pretty well but the trousers were too small. | fit (sb) like a glove (=fit the shape of sb's body perfectly)
—see clothes
2 FIT A SPACE (intransitive always + adv/prep, not in progressive) to be the right size and shape for a particular space, and not be too big
(+ in/into/under etc): Will my tennis racket fit in your bag?
3 EQUIPMENT/PART (T) to put a small piece of equipment into a place, or a new part onto a machine, so that it is ready to be used : fit sth on/to etc: Anti-theft devices are fitted to all our cars. | fit sth: The plumber fit the sink this morning.
4 PUT IN PLACE (intransitive always + adv/prep, transitive always + adv/prep) to put or join something in a particular place where it is meant to go
(+ in/over/together): The plastic cover fits neatly over the frame. | fit sth in/onto/together etc: She fit a piece into the jigsaw puzzle.
5 FIND A PLACE FOR (intransitive always + adv/prep, transitive always + adv/prep) to find enough space for something in a room, vehicle, container etc : fit sb/sth in: Can you fit in another passenger?
6 MATCH (intransitive, transitive not in progressive) if something fits a system, idea etc, it says the same thing or follows the same principles : fit in with: Sonny's behaviour didn't fit in with what I knew of him.
(+ in/into): educational videos designed to fit into the syllabus | fit sth: a phenomenon that didn't fit the expected pattern
7 SUITABLE (transitive not in progressive) to have the qualities, experience etc that are suitable for a particular job, situation etc: The punishment should fit the crime. | The music fits the words perfectly. | fit sb for sth: Webb's negotiating skills fitted him for the task. | fit the bill (=have exactly the right qualities): We wanted an experienced sportscaster, and Waggoner fit the bill.
8 DESCRIPTION (transitive not in progressive) if a description fits someone or something, it describes them exactly: Police said the car fits the description of the stolen vehicle.
9 DECIDE GROUP (I, T) to belong to a particular group or set of ideas
(+ into): A lot of people didn't fit into the categories the researchers had devised. —see also: sb's face doesn't fit face 1 (17), if the cap fits cap 1 (4) fit in phrasal verb
1 (I) to be accepted by other people in a group because you have the same attitudes and interests: At first I felt awkward, but I soon learned to fit in.
(+ with): Larry doesn't seem to fit in with the other children.
2 (transitive fit something/someone in) to manage to do something or see someone, even though you have a lot of other things to do: The doctor said he can fit me in at 4:30.
3 (transitive fit something in/into) to find a time when something can happen without causing problems: How is the extra work going to fit into the schedule?
(+with): Nancy tried to fit her holidays in with Alex's. fit sb/sth out phrasal verb (T)
1 to provide a room or building with equipment or decorations: snug mountain cabins fitted out with pine furniture
2 to dress someone, especially in a particular type of clothing: Jennifer was fitted out like a Queen.
fit sb/sth up phrasal verb (T)
1 to provide a room or building with equipment or decorations: The bedroom is fitted up as an office.
2 BrE spoken to make someone seem guilty of a crime they have not done; frame 2 (3) : fit sb up for sth: Watson had been fitted up for the murder.
USAGE NOTE : FIT WORD CHOICE: fit, suit, fit in, match, go together/with If something is not too big and not too small for a person or other thing, it fits (them): A size 12 dress should fit. | You can't put those shelves in there, they won't fit. If clothes or other personal things are the right style, colour etc for someone, you say they suit them: Casual clothes really don't suit her. | A green dress won't suit me. | That new haircut suits you! Schools, places, times, situations etc may also suit people: A management position would suit him down to the ground. | California doesn't suit everyone. | Will ten o'clock suit you? If people fit in they have a good social relationship with the other people in a group, and share the same attitudes, interests etc: Laura fits in perfectly at the tennis club. If things are almost the same in some way and look good together, they match: The curtains don't match the carpet (= they are not the same pattern/colour). If things look right together in style, colour etc, they go together or go with each other: The curtains don't go with the carpet (= they are not the same colour and do not look good together either). Things can go together in other ways too: Fish and white wine go particularly well together. In British English the usual past form of fit is fitted, but in the first meaning you can also use fit in more informal English: Two years ago, these pants fit me perfectly. In American English, the usual past form is fit, but you can also use fitted for all the meanings. 2 adjective fitter, fittest
1 having the qualities that are suitable for a particular job, occasion, purpose etc
(+ for): I don't think Carol is the fittest person for the job. | fit to do sth: She's not fit to look after children. | fit to eat/drink: This food isn't fit to eat. | be in a fit state: We're trying to get the house into a fit state for visitors. | fit for a King (=of the highest quality): food fit for a King
2 STRONG especially BrE healthy and strong because you exercise regularly: Sandy's very fit - he runs almost 30 miles a week. | keep fit (=exercise in order to stay strong): She keeps fit by swimming every morning. | physically fit AmE: Rowers have to be extremely physically fit.
—opposite unfit (1)
3 HEALTHY especially BrE healthy after having been ill: I'm glad to see you looking fit again. | fit as a fiddle (=completely healthy): She's 86, but as fit as a fiddle. | fighting fit (=extremely healthy) | be in a fit state/condition (=be healthy enough, after being ill or drunk, to be able to do something): Brog was in no fit state to drive when he left the party.
4 fit to drop extremely tired after using a lot of effort or energy: We worked till we were fit to drop.
5 fit to be tied spoken especially AmE very angry, anxious, or upset: The teacher will be fit to be tied when she sees the mess you've made.
6 fit to wake the dead a noise that is fit to wake the dead is extremely loud: They were screaming fit to wake the dead.
7 laughing/coughing fit to burst informal laughing or coughing a lot: The girls were laughing fit to burst.
8 see/think fit (to do sth) an expression meaning to decide that it is right or suitable to do a particular thing, used especially when you do not agree with this decision: You know the situation best. Do whatever you think fit.
3 noun
1 EMOTION (C) a very strong and uncontrollable emotion
(+ of): In a fit of temper he slammed his hands down on the keyboard. | a fit of depression
2 be a good/tight/close etc fit to fit a person or a particular space well, tightly, closely etc: This jacket is a beautiful fit.
3 LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS (C) a short period of time when someone loses consciousness and cannot control their body because their brain is not working properly: an epileptic fit | have a fit: The baby's having a fit! Call the doctor!
4 SUITABLE (singular) formal a relationship between two things or systems in which they match each other or are suitable for each other
(+ between): We must be sure that there's a fit between the needs of the children and the education they receive.
5 LAUGH/COUGH a period during which you laugh or cough a lot: a coughing fit
(+ of): a fit of the giggles | in fits (of laughter) (=laughing a lot): The show was hilarious - we were all in fits. | have sb in fits (=make someone laugh a lot): Cyril had us in fits from the minute we walked in the door.
6 in/by fits and starts repeatedly starting and stopping: The old car moved in fits and starts up the road. | Beverley tends to do things in fits and starts.
7 have/throw a fit informal to be very angry or shocked: If your mother finds out about this she'll have a fit.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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